Hoof Health Program

Hoof Health Program

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A 30 Day Program to Support Normal Healthy Feet in Horses

The Hoof Health Program contains 3 supplements packaged in an easy-to-carry box. The included daily checklist will help you feed the correct product in the correct amount on the correct day to achieve optimal effectiveness. Use this program to:

  1. Grow strong, tough hooves.
  2. Provide weak hoof walls necessary vitamins and minerals.
  3. Support the fastest rate of hoof growth that is normal for the horse.
  4. Support desired health and strength of ligaments and tendons of the foot and leg.
  5. Provide all necessary minerals and vitamins to support your horse’s normal overall health.
  6. Help support circulation.


Key Ingredients:

  • This program utilizes three unique supplements that work together to support cracked hooves, maintain hoof walls, and maintain pliability and moisture within the hoof. This program helps support circulation which is essential for maintaining healthy laminar tissue and supplying key nutrients essential for hoof growth and sole thickness.

The Hoof Health Program includes Nutrimix Plus, Fish Oil Factor, and Surge.

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