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Alfa Nibblets Pelleted Forage

Alfa Nibblets Pelleted Forage

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Alfa Nibblets are a Consistent, Clean, and Uniform Source of Pelleted Forage. They may be used in place of, or in addition to, normal forage. 

  • High quality alfalfa-based forage product in a small pellet size (5/32" diameter).
  • Made from super premium mold free fiber ingredients for year round availability and consistent quality.
  • May be used as a total replacement to hay and pasture when fed at a rate of 1- 2% of body weight (1-2 lb per 100 lb of animal weight).
  • May be used as a hay extender. Simply feed less hay and make up for the remaining portion with Alfa Nibblets. For example, feed 0.5-1 lb per 100 lb body weight in hay plus 0.5-1 lb per 100 lb body weight in Alfa Nibblets.
  • May be used as a carrier for supplements in lieu of grain.
  • Safe for horses and all livestock species.

DAILY FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Offer as a source of forage and fiber. May be fed at 1 to 2% of body weight daily. May fully or partially replace traditional hay, pound for pound.

 Cuude Protein       Min      14%

Crude Fat    Min 1.5%

Crude Fiber   Max 35%

ADF Max 28%

NDF Max 40%

Calcium Max 2%

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